Class of 1958 Holiday Luncheon

On December 2nd, Elaine L'Heureux held a class of 1958 luncheon at her home for as many local classmates as she could reach. This was the continuation of the hurricane Faye party for Jim Butler. He was able to get his vehicle here this time, whereas last time it would have required a boat to get here. In fact, twenty of us did attend the delightful event. A great time was had by all of us, which includied rides in Bill Burton's antique auto as pictured herein. Of course, the laughs and stories continued all afternoon, and, we called Larry Cowart to see how he was doing in his recovery from his auto accident. (He is doing well, but mighty tired of his halo headwear.) We did manage to capture a team photo of attendees for your viewing. We all pledged to try to continue these events in the future; we welcome your suggestions, participation , and hosting a group outing too. Happy holidays to all, Bill Cross