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70th Birthday Celebration - A Mini-Reunion

UPDATE (3/17/2011)

Pictures of the 70th birthday events are now online for you to see. They are in a Powerpoint presentation - four separate files. These files are quite large and may take up to three minutes to load using a Broadband connection. On a good day - maybe 90 seconds! If you are still on a dial-up internet connection, call a friend!

The files are linked below. When you click on a file, your Powerpoint program should open separately. The files are safe. They have been scanned for viruses so go ahead, when prompted, click to 'open' the file.

1. First Presentation

2. Second Presentation

3. Third Presentation

4. Fourth Presentation


Well we did it! We successfully celebrated our 70th birthdays with lots of our friends from our high school days. As the saying goes, “a good time was had by all”. Thank you all for attending and helping to make the event such a huge success. For those of you who couldn’t make it to our party, we missed you and you missed a wonderful time. A special treat was June McGill, our PE teacher, coming to help us celebrate. It was wonderful to see her.

A big “Thank You” goes to Scott Crawford, Judy Billingham Crawford’s son. Scott provided the food for our feast free and the only food we had to buy was the meat and dessert. No one went hungry and all enjoyed the fabulous meal. By having the donation from Scott we were able to keep your cost way down.

Jesse Pipkin came the farthest; from California and Rick Todd received the prize for being the oldest. Such a lucky guy! Did you know that Ray Cullifer is a yo-yo champ? The boy can do some impressive stuff! The hoola hoops got a work out but there wasn’t a clear winner there! We seem to have lost our skills in that area! A beautiful gift basket full of coffees, teas, chocolates and so forth was won by Joan Chaya Oldham. We also gave away many cash prizes several of which were returned to us to use as “seed money” for our next reunion. Lots of pictures were taken and they will be posted here in the near future so keep checking.

Once again we are so happy that you all could come and participate in the celebration and we hope you had a great time. We (the committee) had a ball planning the party and look forward to the next event celebrating our 55th Class reunion. Anyone interested in working on that party should contact one of us on this committee or Bill Cross. We will point you in the right direction. Rumor has it that Jane Martin Briel will be the chairman.

Thank you all,

Your Committee:

Judy Crawford, Jane Briel, Jean Cullifer, Alyce-Mae Alexander, and Kaki Goshen

70th Birthday Celebration Committee Members

From left: Judy (Billingham) Crawford, Jean (Norma Jean Anderson) Cullifer, Jane (Martin) Briel, Kaki (Furlow) Goshen, and Alyce-Mae (Johns) Alexander.

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