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(updated 12/7/2017)


From: (Connie Ragnitt/Lieske)
Sent: 11/27/2017 8:25:42 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Winter Park H.S. Class of 1958

Hi Bill and Claudia,

As 2017 is coming to a close, I wanted to check in our class website for a review of the year’s news. Hopefully more of us will be adding their updates too. ??

My husband, Jim, and I have been in the Bay Area of San Francisco since 1969. Our three daughters live in California too. The photo below features two of the girls with their spouses (on the right side) - Jim and Connie on the left, with our two grandsons closing the circle.

We all enjoy outdoor action- hiking, swimming, golf and taking in the sights.

Best Wishes for 2018 to all. Will there be a reunion in this year?

Our of 58 class has certainly spread out through the U.S. Fortunately though, a majority of you happily positioned yourselves in the Sunshine State! For me Florida is home to lots of special memories. Our formative years there were pivotal forecasts to college, vocations, family and all the places we take on. Winter Park High- miss you and think well of all. Happy Holidays. Connie Ragnitt/Lieske


We successfully celebrated our 70th birthdays with lots of our friends from our high school days. "A good time was had by all". Click HERE. (updated 3/17/2011))

70th Birthday CelebrationElaine L'heureux (September 27th, 1940) was featured in a 70th birthday event put on by her daughters, Pamela Lloyd and Debbie Whitescarver. It was held at Debbie's home in Waterford Lakes and included all of Elaine's children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, her brother, Ed, and a few friends (including backyard playmates from WP elementary school and high school). There were lots of memories revisited going back in time through a collage of photos and music orchestrated by Debbie and Pamela to capture the days of living in New York, New Jersey, and Winter Park. A great time was had by all as they reminisced the family history. This was a wonderful lead into the WPHS Class of 58 party at Mead Gardens celebrating all of our 70th birthdays. (added 11/17/2010)

From: []
Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 1:34 PM
Subject: Marriage - Tommy Woodruff & Leslie Schwartz

2010 is the year of our 70th birthdays and must have triggered a wave of marriages. We have been informed that Tommy Woodruff and his longtime lady friend, Leslie Schwartz, were married last spring. They reside in South Carolina on a golf course and lake resort. Tommy and Leslie will not make it to the birthday party, but do plan to be in Winter Park on Nov. 14-16 to visit Tommy's mom who is 95 years young.

Charlie Davis ('58) and Jacque Frutchey ('59) were married July 27, 2010 in the State of North Carolina. Congratulations to the happy couple. (added 11/2/2010)

From: Lee Gartside
To: Bill Cross
Sent: Thu, Oct 24, 2010 7:58 pm
Subject: Chuck Burns '58

E-mail from Chuck to Lee:

     Well,..........I've decided to marry my old Sweetheart from Winter Park High School. We've been seeing each other, commuting back and forth from Orlando and Suwanee since Feb., and have decided it's time to "tie the knot". Haven't decided on a place and time for the marriage ceremony, but probably will be just she and I in front of a "Justice of the Peace". We've agreed that we don't need a big wedding with all the "hoopla" so expect to have a quiet little ceremony by ourselves.
     We don't know yet where we'll live, but will work on that when the housing market improves. May end up selling both homes, and finding some place we both really want. Until then, we'll live in both, traveling back and forth.
     Will provide more detail when it's known.

Chuck - Pictured below are Chuck ('58) and Linda Prevatt ('60)

From: Rugpart <>
To: joanwcross <>
Sent: Thu, Oct 7, 2010 9:56 am
Subject: Mini Reunion
October 7, 2010

     I will really miss being at the mini reunion in November. My husband Bob is having a knee replacement on Monday, Nov 8 and it's just a bit complicated to head to FL for that Friday-Saturday reunion. I hope there will be other times.
      We're still retired but serving as part-time co-rectors at 15 year old parish, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Chesterfield, VA (a part of the greater Richmond area). We're enjoying the people and the ministry there and will probably be there a year or until their call their new rector.
      We are blessed as our children Pamela (Bill) and Robert (Sally) are living in the Richmond area. Each has three children - Pam and Bill just became empty nesters as their youngest went to college in August. Rob and Sally's are still at home with the oldest being 15.
      When our grandchildren are 11-12 we take them on a trip. This summer, it was Kate's turn, Rob and Sally's middle child. For the first time we did not create our own trip but traveled with Elderhostel - now Road Scholar on an intergenerational trip with 12 adults and 9 young people between 11 and 13 to France. We had a great time - seeing Brittany, Normandy and Paris. Kate was a delightful traveler.
      We welcome visitors and have plenty of room. We're about 1/2 mile west of Richmond proper and on the south side of the James River which runs through Richmond.

Peace, Ruth (Goodrich) Partlow

Bill and Joan Cross visited their daughter in Newport Beach, California. While on the west coast they arranged to meet with Jesse Pipkin and his wife, Peggy, spend the day at the San Diego Zoo and have dinner together that evening. Jesse has committed to coming to the mini-reunion in the Fall. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. (added 7/28/2010)

Bill & Joan Cross with Jesse &  Peggy  Pipkin

John Charles Rehmund passed away May 25th, 2010. Mr. Rehmund was on faculty at Winter Park High School in the capacity of head of DCT and Vocational Counseling from 1953 to 1967 when he was appointed as Assistant Director of the Evening Division of the Orange County Vocation School. Click on the link above to read about Mr. Rehmund's life and accomplished. He was an inspiration to many of us who were fortunate enough to sit in his class.

Luncheon at Olive Garden with Class Members from WPHS Class of 1958 January, 2010

This impromptu gathering for lunch mushroomed into quite a large turnout at Olive Garden in Winter Park. Those in attendance were Kaki Furlow (celebrating her birthday), Joann Amos, Carol Young, Claudia Janke, Toni DeVito, Kay Ann Chronister, Joyce Walls and her husband John Christian, Joan Chaya, Norma Jean Anderson and her husband Ray Cullifer, Alyce Mae Johns, Carol Young, Bo Bozenhardt & wife Wilma overton, Elaine L'Heureux, Barney Blackburn with wife Carol, Punky (Charlotte) Wattles, Claudia Banks, Joann Amos, Henry Eastman & wife Judy, Shirley Van Hyning, Jane Martin and Jim Buck. (added 3/15/2010)

Dinner the Night Before the Picnic in the Park - 2009

With some initial prodding from jim lansdale, Elaine L'Heureux took the reigns and put together a dinner for those classmates nearby and available on short notice on Friday night before the Picnic in the Park Event. We had a wonderful time at the Outback Restaurant with a banquet style setup. Click HERE to see the photographs. We've pledged to do it again based on the feedback, and with better notice, more folks may be able to attend. Take notice that Kip Watson was in attendance, great to see him and meet his wife Aliza . He has offered his dance studio for the next outing along with a "dancing with the WPHS stars contest" and lessons!!

See ya there, Claudia and Bill (added 4/27/2009)

Greetings, Class of '58,

Elaine Daley received a computer for Christmas and wants you to know that she'd love to hear from you. She is just getting used to email.

Elaine's address is Please add her email address to your memory book and your email directory....and flood her online in-basket with notes.

Thanks. (added 2/22/2009)

Coming to the Golf Channel Soon! A REAL fashion statement made by our very own Bill Rosenfelt and Bill Winderweedle ('59) - clown dots. It appears all that is required to play this course is a collar! They shouldn't have to worry about anyone yelling "FOUR" since both Bill's can be seen from the tee to the green. Click on thumbnail to enlarge. (added 1/29/2009)
Fashion Statement for the Golf Channel
On December 2nd, Elaine L'Heureux held a class of 1958 luncheon at her home for as many local classmates as she could reach. This was the continuation of the hurricane Faye party for Jim Butler. He was able to get his vehicle here this time, whereas last time it would have required a boat to get here. In fact, twenty of us did attend the delightful event. A great time was had by all of us, which includied rides in Bill Burton's antique auto as pictured herein. Of course, the laughs and stories continued all afternoon, and, we called Larry Cowart to see how he was doing in his recovery from his auto accident. (He is doing well, but mighty tired of his halo headwear.) We did manage to capture a team photo of attendees for your viewing. We all pledged to try to continue these events in the future; we welcome your suggestions, participation, and hosting a group outing too. Click HERE to see a few of the photographs. (posted 1/22/2009)
Bill and Joan Cross cruised out of New York to Quebec in September on a 10 day cruise aboard the new Holland America ship Eurodam. Click HERE to see a few of the photographs taken in Quebec City. (posted 1/19/2009)

Subject: Reunion Holiday Wishes

Dear Classmates,

What a joyous year it has been !! The reunion was such a wonderful event; the memories from the past
and the new memories created will live on forever. Claudia and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas
and a happy, healthy New Year. We look forward to more outings during 2009.

Please check the website for past and upcoming events. We also encourage you to send pix and info for posting to the site.

Much love to all, Claudia and Bill

Subject: WPHS Website - Class of 1958

Dear '58 Classmate,

Your Class Reunion Committee hopes you've had a great summer. Please tell us about any special trips and send a supporting photo. We intend to keep the website fresh with current information. Have you visited it recently to see what's new? Please go to the website by clicking on the link below and view the latest mini reunion. Then consider a visit to the Winter Park area for a similar event.

We're having withdrawal symptoms and need a reason to party again. How about attending a WPHS football game.

Email us or, better yet, come visit us!

Claudia and Bill

Subject: WPHS Website - Class of 1958
From: Robert Giannini
Date: 29 Aug 2008 10:19{34-0400

Dear Friends,

Jo Ann and I, along with our daughter Mary Margaret and my sister Marion (WPHS Class of 65) have recently returned from a trip to Russia and Siberia to see the total eclipse of the sun. Three weeks and who knows how much money for an event that lasted a little over two minutes. But we also spent a wonderful time cruising on rivers, canals, and lakes between Moscow and St. Petersburg (very wondrous cities), spent over thirty hours in a sleeping car on the Trans Siberian railroad, and cruised on huge Lake Baikal in Eastern Siberia. We were in Moscow when the war between Georgia and Russia broke out and were able to listen both to the Russian spin on the events and the BBC spin. What we chiefly discovered is that TV news mostly likely is as much propaganda as anything no matter where you go. But do put a total solar eclipse on your bucket list. It is phenomenal.

Daughter Mary Margaret has recently moved to Jacksonville where she is an assistant professor of law. This means, I am sure, more trips to Florida are in the offing for us.

- Bob Giannini

MINI REUNION <- Click there for link!

On Thursday, August 21st, Elaine L'Heureux and Jane Martin put together a luncheon for local classmates that they could quickly contact to attend. The original purpose was to celebrate, and host the lunch for a visit from Jim Butler, Melbourne area. But Tropical Storm Fay had other ideas and Jim could not get across the St. Johns River without a boat and was a last minute cancellation. It was held at our old stomping grounds of Steak 'n Shake on east Colonial Dr. The waitress from Steak 'n Shake decorated the tables in orange and black and had posters and a favor (a WPHS hot/cold insulated tumbler) for each of us!!

We had a guest appearance from Kip Watson, who stopped by to say hello. Besides the hostesses, in attendance were Barney Blackburn and wife, Bob Wacker, Toni DeVito, Claudia Banks, Shirley Van Hyning, Henry Eastman and wife, Jim Buck and guest, Ed L'Heureux, Punky Wattles and husband, Diane Sommer, Bill Cross and wife.

Boy what a noisy group---I hope we didn't chase any customers away from the restaurant. But, the noisier we got, the more fun the gang appeared to have. We all came away with the thought of doing it again in the near future and hopefully more classmates can be included. If any of you (classmates) are coming to town, give us some advance notice and we will try to gather a group for lunch.

Bill Cross - Click to send an e-mail.

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